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Keyboardad + mouse is very standard for most games on PC. I wondered what it would be like to use a wearable device instead of a keyboard for to play video games. I then decided to create a wearable glove controller with buttons as inputs that the player presses against a flat surface such as a table. I wanted to make a controller that I can wear playing overwatch, where I am able to maneuver around and use skills quickly.

The result is the device I made in this video, where I showed the device and demoed how it was used in overwatch.

I used an Arduino Uno R3 board and the source code of UnoJoy which can easily turn an Arduino board into a controller. When buttons connecting ground to pins while pressed, there will be an input for a certain controller button, making the circuit of a button very simple too-- just connecting the button with ground and the intended input pin would do. (All the buttons can share a common ground, which is easy to implement)

I then soldered together the eight buttons i showed in the video and duct taped them with the board on a cheap working glove and connecting the wires together. It worked like a charm!

I then used a joystick remap software to remap the joystick inputs to the corresponding keyboard buttons used to play overwatch.

The controller can be remapped to play other games too. I also plan to add more sensors, such as an accelerometer to detect the hand movement, and a joystick later on to open up more possibilities of different control input a wearable glove controller can have!

Thanks for reading the project! If you are curious of anything of the project and how I made it, please feel free to contact me!

Published Sep 26, 2016
Tagsalternative-controls, Controller, FPS